you want me but you dont want me
im kind of confused
why? you ask..because you show
me you want me
and you show/tell me you dont want me
i rather you just want me but i'd be better off if you didnt want me
you lie to me; uncontrollably and to you its not hurting me its helping me
you believe that its what i iwas in search fo but in reality its what i was running from
i need love, but i dont have it and im trying to deal with that...
when you lie and pass me by leaving me unnoticed
i wish you would have just did me the favor of leaving me A-L-O-N-E
do you know how much i've cried-
my whole life
too many to count
numerous times
emotionally i just DIED.

by Teanisha Love

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this is good.. &&it shows how heartbroken u rlly are.. dont let this person bring u down..