From the day that I was born
I was raised with morals and values
Today that is my problem
Because my morals are getting in my way

I tell myself I am happy
And that I will find somebody who loves me
But now I begin to wonder
If I will every find that special someone

I have this friend who is cute and smart
And he wants me for his pleasure
I refuse to give in to his needs
Because he does not respect me

He has been persistent
And stating his wants and needs
But I keep turning him down
Because I am not part of his future

I blame this on an old friend
Who told me nobody would love me
The way that he does
Or the way that he feels

Now that I have some options
I don’t know what to do
I want to go visit this guy
But I’m afraid to do something stupid

I feel that I am not normal
Because I don’t put myself out there
I’ve done my share of stupid things
And don’t want to continue this any longer

Now I feel like I am missing out
On something that could be special
I’m afraid to open up and be myself
And whatever happens will be

I hate being confused
I wish I knew the answers
I wish it wasn’t so difficult
To be who I am when I am with this guy

by Mowie DeCorp

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