Confused Again

Poem By Anji Carter

I'm feeling lost!
Somewhere inside the depths of my ego...
I know there is lurking the doppelganger of myself.
But when I look, it hides.
The artist, the poet,
The dreamer who builds the castles in the air
That are waiting to be painted.
I'm the one, who decorates the empty pages,
Whose words are like clouds floating across a summer sky,
Like traffic on a busy street,
Or like hailstones -
Cutting with razor-sharp precision
Through this blanket of a blizzard, that I call my conscious mind.

Where did I put my scissors?

Nothing is revealed.
Is there nothing then?
An empty soul, clattering around inside an empty mind?
Empty vessels make most noise they say,
And all would vouch that noisy is my way.
Foundations crumbled long before this building was erected.
Staircase clambers upward through the tumbling mist,
And my ego steals the bulb that lit the landing.
Tripping among the woollen skeins of worn-out carpets -
I stumble over everyone's affairs.

Where did I put my scissors?

I wanted to fly - but wax melts beneath the sun -
And I'm undone.
Tumbling from the jagged cliffs
Landing in the lap of Lilliput.
Jonathon was Swift,
Quick to make the break.
How can I escape?

Where did I put my scissors?

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