Confused Clarity

Poem By Ken Asher

I sit in silent wonder, to put my thoughts to ink
For lost in my confusion, it always helps me think
A better understanding, is reason for my rhyme
And though I may learn nothing, it does help pass the time

I'm not the worlds richest man, the thought just makes me smile
I'm surely not the poorest, for I can share a smile
And if I had the riches, that so many others crave
Like them, it would be hard to smile, just another slave

Me, I'd always share my wealth, with any man in need
Instead of living off his pain, to wallow in my greed
I'd rather have a simple life, make other people smile
Seek to clean the air we breathe, not worry what's in style

And what is with our government, always preaching fear?
Always raising taxes, and their spending every year
Why must there always be a need, to start another war?
Why can't we take those billions, and start to feed the poor?

Build houses for the homeless, and educate a child
Instead of killing thousands, and say it makes us proud
Wave a flag, we can't salute, then take away the Lord
From state, and church, and home and school, My God! They must be bored!

And how are we supposed to live, with prices on the rise?
Fire all those bureucrats, hire someone wise!
Someone who knows morals, and nobility of cause
Not some jerk who thinks himself, disasters Santa Clause!

Lets do away with money, and pay our way with deeds
Then see how life progresses, and who has special needs
Let's do away with food stamps, put pride into our farms
Start growing food for people, instead of building arms!

It's sad to think our soldiers die, for rights we can't employ
Like liberty and happiness, pursuits we can't enjoy
Our leaders take us deeper, and deeper into debt
And tell us to feel safer, with the little that we get

As usual, I'm still confused, yet put my thoughts to pen
I tell myself 'I am but one, where can I begin? '
And now that I have written, I'll end it with this note
I may be poor, and only one, BUT I STILL HAVE A VOTE!

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