~confused Heart.. Not Lettin Go.

Now I stand, just askin myself,
Why did i fall in love with you..
Out of everyone else?

To be honest Idk,
but i dont wanna let go.
my mind tells me no..
its over.. let her go.
My heart tells me no..
hold on.. she my everything..
dont lose hope.

People tell me to listen to my heart..
Its what got me into this mess..
I didnt listen.. if i did..
This would of never happened.

She was one of the brightest stars in the sky.
Most beautiful smile,
you can see from the other side.
She was caring in her way, that not a lot of girls have..
& her personality,
I fell in love with that.

sweet & kind..
everything was just fine..
But it was my thoughts,
that set everything aside.

I blame myself..
For what has happened.
I'm sorry i couldnt be better..
If only there was another try...

by Dislocated Heart

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