Confused Love

Those tears you cried showed me a light,
Lightening my darkness lonely night.
you held me and let a single tear free,
Just a love with mystery
A tear with history
just to wish see love clearly.
100 reasons to leave and 100 reasons to stay,
to clear my burden life upon a cherishing day.
Maybe a reason to my unanswered questions
or a word of suggestions
(to where i may stand)
To watch true love walking with a holding hand.
You simply move me; like a kid to a game,
from a beauty of love hidden with silence shame.
he loves me because i am a women with strength of steel.
not as weak of a tear but strong as ' I' continue to feel.
while i wipe your eyes and kiss you lips,
embrace every line of love and cherish every kiss of its script

by Poetryangel Diaz

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