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Confusing Love

Confusing Love

The sweet sound of your voice over the phone makes me think
About what you really mean to me it’s like you’re the only think that
Stay in my head.

And I think its cause I think you’re in love with someone else or is it
Just me, could I be the one in love with someone else and not know it
But how can that be when you’re the only thing in my mind head and soul.

At times it can be hard for the fact that I ever know what's in your head and
That we can't be with each other like we want or could it be that I'm really falling
In love with you

My heart and soul say's YES! But my mind tells me NO! ! In this I don't know why. But I do know that the love I have for you is something that can't be changed by Nothing or nobody,

But still days come and go in weeks turn to months and I still don't feel like I'm
The for you, the more we talk the more I feel like your love belong to someone else

Besides me could this be because it’s true or is it that I'm looking for an answer that's not

If only I could really look into your eyes and tell that every thing you say is from the heart and soul or is it something that you tell all the woman you talk to or it could just be that I'm sacred.

Sacred that you might hurt me like everybody else damn confusing love its like when it feels right it just might be wrong just this once I wish its the right thing and not the wrong..

And the more you think about it the more confuse you get and I really don't know how much one confuse heart can take but still I think about you as if nothing is around me but you and me the sound In my ears stop everything around me just stayed still and my heart and your heart beat very slow and us
Just feel free.

At this point I know that we were meant to be together cause your soul is mine and my heart is yours and As one we make the heart and soul of the world but damn.......confusing....love....stakes....again.

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