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Confusing Love
KW (1990 / Kansas)

Confusing Love

My life is perfect as it is
I'm in his arms, seeled with a kiss
But then you come from the past
And I still have feelings that last
I never thought I'd have to go through this, again

He's kind to me and his feelings are true
Which is less then what I can say for you
He treats me better and his honesty shines through
He makes me feel special, like the way you do
I just wish I didn't have to fall in love with you, again

The last day we were together felt so good
I never thought it could end like it would
But I got over you and now I'm with him
So please except that I just like him
Even though I still love you, again

It's time to make up your mind
Time to lay down the line
Because if you end up hurting me again
I will make it so your pain will never end
I just can't stand breaking up with someone for you, again

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