Confusion is a funny word
That truly rules the world
But its not just a word
It’s a feeling,
it’s a feeling I hate
A feeling I wish to never have again

But I have it right now
How can I shift it
Am I being tested
Or tormented

Why must I love 1 for years
And yet now I’m falling
For another.

Confusion I hate
But its always here
Maybe one day I’ll beat it
Never to hear from it again.

Maybe I would have made
My life times tough
Decisions or maybe
I will be full of regrets

I don’t know which
It will be, .hopefully
the first one for me.
I don’t know why
I’m writing this
Its confusion that is
Giving me these thoughts, feelings etc

I'll see it again and so will you
I’ll bet you.

by Danielle Candy

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Ahhhh be be live with anguish and feel forelorn... Nicely written. Hugs, Dee