WTW (07 January 1998 / St. Mary's clinic, Chitungwiza Harare Zimbabwe)


Chaos if not of legions then it be legislations
Trapped betwixt wrath and vengeance of the
Crown latter the young comrades ousted one
By one, told by the courts factionalism rose

Devoid anyone wit, streets storms mobsters
As brother fattens like a baobab yet sister
Thins alike a biltong thread, the odd so absurd
Riots bursting from hood to hood, brutal touch

Damned be this life imposed, harsh turns the
Situation,Violence now a pragmatic norm in
All ghettos. If not for the gun held behind my
Head, the brave voice to shout aloud Amnesia

Blue suited brothers turns savage in their grey
Pleading not guilty raves the masses in distress
His stick to my mother's head, father's chin and
His turbulent nature natured by the elites too.

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