MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)


I'm battered, I'm bruised
My heart has been torn
I love and I hate
My emotions are worn

I laugh and I cry
I scream and I shout
I'm up and I'm down
I can't get the words out

I live and I'm dead
I sleep while I wake
I smile and I frown
I don't remember what I said

I'm whole and I'm cut
I'm happy and I'm sad
I'm here and I'm not
Life sucks, no it's not that bad

I want to die, yet I want to live
I want to run to you and run away
I want to be together and I want to be alone
I want to hold back and I want to give

I'm fine and I'm insane
I'm here and I'm not
I'm in but I'm out
Please go, please remain

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wow this is amazing! i love this, its so beautiful
WOW! what an amazing amount of depth in this wite. You have conveyed confusion perfectly! very nice work indeed.