I struggle through everyday
Just trying to be okay
Your love is like a razor on my skin
Destroying my heart from within
All your truths and lies
All add to my hearts demise
My only escape is when I sleep
From all the horrible memories that I reap
You say youre sorry for what youve done
But youve no idea the web of pain youve spun
Its all so hard to sustain
Now im going insane
Not sure whether to love you or hate you
To kiss you or kill you
Youre my cure, my hope, my safety
But at the same time youre my disease
Im so confused by you
I dont know if what you say is ever true
You bring me so much shame
And now im tired of this endless game
So I guess ive been played
But then why have you stayed
All youre fake tears
Youre not the person as you appear
Your wicked games of love and hate
You can't play with fate
So whether you love me or not
Youre too blind to see what youve got
So let me be
So my heart can finally be free

by lindsay stone

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