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YV (2/3/92 / Puerto Rico)


Poem By Yolaine Viera

Situations are mysterious,

Your silence is thunderous....

Got suttin to say,

Get it out before its too late....

Tired of the bullshit,

How come im always the one excluded....

Do you feel ashamed,

WAT! ! ! !

Your feelings gettin in the way of how you play your game....

Let me know,

Cuz im interested....

Could it be you.....

You can be so insensitive, inconsiderate....

It makes me furious,

I never noticed,

You're repulsive,

Get away from me,

I hurt inside,

The only place I was always runnin to hide....

To survive,

To protect myself from the claws of your words,

And the thorns of your actions,

That try to cut deep inside,

And it scars on the outside,

But still i stand with my head up high,

While you seek and search for a way to get inside,

To mistreat my soul while its vulnerable,

Kick my heart while it hangs on loose strings,

Easy to tear and crack into a million pieces,

And i sit here watching you,

With tearful eyes and mixed emotions,


Dont you ever stop to see,

How much pain you have brung upon me...

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Hola yoly espero que Estes bien solo queria decirte que me encanta tus poemas aunque algunos son Trieste sadddd but I guess that's how life is and I don't want you to think I'm ciber stokin you is just that its been damnnnn like 5 or 6 years and I can not honestly can not get you off my mind is like that saying people say your the one that got away Pero Nada ESE es Mi problema solo espero que Estes happy you and your family take care cariño and remember when you feel sad or lonely or whatever that theres someone in this world that's thinking about you and wishing you the best 😘😘 ✈✈ yours truly taina PS I'm sorry if I throw you off is just something that i need to get off my chest I hope you get this and don't think wrong about it take care boo