JD (1993 ~ Born under fireworks... literally. / )


'Look down the road! '
'Remember your past! '
'Think of the future,
So your life will last! '
'Don't disobey me! '
'Live your life as you like! '
'Walking is healthy! '
'Go get your bike! '
'Go ask your father! '
'Go ask your mum! '
'Do your homework! '
'Don't stay in with this sun! '
'Don't play computer! '
'Don't watch TV! '
'Stop being annoying! '
'Stop bugging me! '

It's weird how my parents
seldom agree
I don't think they quite know
what to do with me.


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You hit it on the head. But you have to understand that parents are not professonals. They're just like you and me..