Confusion In A Graveyard

Walking along the ancient path
my moods began to flutter
I turned to read the epitaph
among the stones, a clutter

The epitaph read pertinent
a name I heard a few
confused I utter without intent
this name I know, I knew

And it was then I realized
not only I was walking
among the stones stood hypnotized
ghostly figures that came flocking

But how I gleamed, when my love came to me
Until I saw cradled in his hand
white roses limp with misery
Oh, such sorrow I couldn’t withstand!

by alexandria hacker

Comments (2)

Liked your poem.. it's really really good :) ..
Again this poem is well, so good... Welcome to the poetry neighborhood. To begin anew with your poetry art... You come full circle, as a full fledged Author's, poetic heart. This will guarantee you a nicely, good start. This poem i like and has great imagery. You are new but gifted at writing. God bless and best regards-Mike Gale.