Confusion Not Confucianism

When I was little girl
My momma always said
'Jesus forever loves you'
And now for you, he is dead

But lately I've thinkin
How can I find this guy?
Everytime I hear a prayer
I hang my head and cry

They tell me the bible was written
For people (not christians) to abide by
If you are not a believer
Off to hell, your soul will say bye

Well my life is a hell
So how I can believe in that
A dozen men wrote that book
Men lie and that's a fact

Religion is absurd
It takes away true love
Well if it must be
Here is MY religion Ya'll
It's a little thing called Confusion
It's like the purgatory we all meet
I'm stuck between believeing and not
Oh I'm stuck all in between

There is a word for some people
A word that describes it all
Those who don't really care
and those who fall

Well I'm not that word you describe
I'm not an atheist prick
I just don't know what to believe
So that's my religion and it's gonna stick!

by DJD Quick/dd

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