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Its been three long beautiful years which i will carry in my heart and soul forever. The damage in which I have tormented you with will forever be with me as well as your enchanting smiles that can bring worl peace to ALL. sooo.....

Why do I keep doing this? Why?

It is you who has made me strong, valuable, and loving. i love everything about you. One thing I still dont fully understand is how a person can pour all their feelings into one blank sheet of paper and transform it into something with such strong emotion and delicazy. Writting peoms is not something i thought I could ever do. But when my heart is feeling such confussion, guilt, and love all at the same time it is as if a bird had no wings. I feel like flying far away, not knowing that being unable to fly is ok because I'm where I am suppose to be....with you....sooo

Why do I keep doing this? Why?

I am forever wishing that one day you and I can both learn to use our wings and FINALLY go where our hearts take us.....

I Love you

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