Congratulations, you're engaged
That didn't take long
I guess a few months is all it takes
to get over me
Wasn't it only weeks ago you
looked at me as if I was the
only thing in the world
You could ever need.

It's all for the best, I know
It wasn't meant to be
Sometimes at night when I'm alone
I can't help but think it could've been me

Congratulations, you're married
I heard the wedding was perfect
Such a happy couple with
all the luck only love can provide
I know now after the weeks
of tears that it would never work out
No need to relish in regret
or imagine how I'd look as your wife

Friends tell me the grass is greener
It'll all turn out for the best
You feel alone and brokenhearted now
Sometimes before the blessing you're given a test

Congratulations, you're wife is pregnant
I used to picture how perfect our
babies would be. But that was so
long ago now, it feels like a dream
Congratulations on the baby girl
I look in her eyes and all I see is you
and I try not to cry. She's beautiful.
You smile, and so I put on a smile too

Something better will come along
One day I'll have my dream come true
but there's not a day that passes by
that I still wish it could be with you

by Caroline Guedes

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its always part of life that sometimes....the heart is empty but the soul is full... life experiences beauty that by closing our eyes the light shine....just keep going the end is always the beginning to grasp the meaning of love.... there are still joy beyond that pain.... we are still alive to make you happy... take our hearts that see your beauty...thank you for sharing and GOD BLESS ....a 10+