Congratulations: On Our 24th Marriage Anniversary

Two dozen years elapsed by stealth;
May be, we couldn't do much;
Our marriage was mere sacrifice;
God gave His magic touch.

We couldn't enjoy like neighbours but,
Life brought surprises rife;
Our priorities stole our time;
God was quite kind in life.

The way the modern world goes on
Is disturbing truly;
We did our work with piety;
God rendered help duly.

Why worry of things we couldn't do,
And wasted time precious?
With heart and mind, we kept the road
To heaven, righteously.

Have faith that God will heal our wounds
Of mind and heart and soul;
Have hope, the future will be bright
To reach heaven's - our goal.

We did the best we could in life;
God gave us quite good health;
Be glad, we did so well although
We could not make more wealth.

No one predicts how things turn out;
We heeded conscience;
Who knows what plans God has for us!
The future can't tell, science.

Be happy life has been so kind,
And miracles God wrought;
May be, our dreams did not come true;
To thank Lord still, we ought.

Your hubby wishes you Mrs. Mercy Celestine a
‘Happy Marriage Anniversary, Dear Beloved in Christ! '
On 29-10-2014
Copyright by Dr John Celes 27-10-2014

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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A Beautiful bouquet of words that filled the different flowers with Where each flowers were the fragrance that gave meaning to life Thereby spreading fragrance of love though unknown to self, walked together hand in hand in all walks of life Are the beautiful blessings from Almighty! Happy Anniversary! God Bless you both! A beautiful presentation that poured from sincere heart, filled with positivity and each words are blessings of God!