Conjectural Elements

I learned as a man
To look at the skeleton
If I can
There is little else to depend on

Till I see flesh on bone
And spot other decorative elements
Form a form into my vision
That leaves in my soul a dent

Then make out of lips and hair
The shaping of an idea
That fits anytime anywhere
The worst thought is like a prayer

Till I got close and I saw
More to what I always I think I see
Till I saw cats with a cat's paw
And a tiger's stripes fighting to be

Till I became one with one
Listening to a different track
Till words sounded like one
Without sighs, tears or wisecrack

Up close and personal it crystalized
All hopes hibernating in the heart
Waiting for the other soul better stylized
To bring new hope and make life start

Once the eyes meet, messages cross
And in my age, words mean what they say
And every win now seems like a weird loss
Eyes open wider. Women know the way.

by Ragy Sandid

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