LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Conjugating The Write

I write
You write
He, she, it writes -
We write
You write
They Write;
I wrote
You wrote
He, she, it wrote -
We wrote
You wrote
They wrote;
I have written
You have written
He, she, it has written -
We have written
You have written
They have written;

I shall write
You shall write
He, she, it shall write -

And keep on writing -
That's an order !

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Linda, That's right ... or is that rote ?
It is certainly in order, and it's funny too. You must have been in a particular zone here Linda. It would be a suitable motto for PH. It actually feels and reads like a head clearing exercise. If it didn't help you I think it's helped me, Maybe I'm just confused. Liked this weird product of your vast imagination. xx jim
Are you sure you got that right? ; ^) Looks like you had fun with this. -chuck
Oh! grammar..........still I am scared of common errors misspellings and confusables grammatical changes make a man perfect? Thank you Linda for your lessons.
Do I sense, a little bit tense? Just so you know, in future imperfect! Danny
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