Running Chores With You

As I run out here shortly
to finally put a wrap on all
of the things so stressing from yesterday
I wish you could be with me
so for each other we could be close,
show our support, and holding hands
kill all the loneliness that has been there.
Without you the world has felt
so very much more cold and cruel.
so I just want to give you kisses and smiles,
and for you to be with me as I'm
running around out there getting chores done today.

Just a few mostly simple things to do
so we could just take a ride afterward
through the country side enjoying the beauty
that surrounds and fills us my sweet love.
I just want to be out and about with my only love
enjoying the life of which we both dream.
God bless you my Queen for you are supreme,
a truly divine woman whom I want to be with
and give all of the best
with all of my love forever and ever.
I love you my dear more than ever
and just want to spend each day with you
no matter what is going on or what I am doing.
I wish you could be there just running chores together
with so little to no stresses filling us in the least.

by Michael P. McParland

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