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Conkers (Or Maybe Bonkers)
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

Conkers (Or Maybe Bonkers)

Pull on those gloves.
Tug your hat over your ears.
Wrap a scarf of dreams around
Your neck and come join me....

Let's go for a walk in the
Winter sunshine, kicking the leaves
Along the pathway of life
Delighting in togetherness

Collecting conkers
Remembering our youth
Watching our frosty breath
Make patterns in the air

Huddling together
Playfully pushing and shoving
Dodging the icy patches, gently
catching each other's stumbles

Pinching red noses
Savouring cold lips and sweet hotness
Running the last few yards
And crashing throught the front door

Those simple things
That mean so much when shared
Take a mug of hot chocolate
And just sit and stare....

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Comments (4)

have passport, have luggage, and bloody bonkers I'll take your leaves over the dirty old melting snow anyday.....This is enchanting Michelle....marci xo
And throwing up a discarded stick, to dislodge the few remaining. Then to dodge around its deviating descent, as it ricochets from branch to branch...ouch! Should have worn my hard hat! Danny; ¬)
Michelle, a hat full of wonderful memories of the golden days of our youth. Uplifting first thing in the morning. BEAUTIFUL. The flow of this poem would melt any winter chill. Definitely not bonkers! Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Oh I like it, yes I am there with you, but then the poem almost ends and a cup of coffee must make do!