Here Am I Lord

Here I am Lord, send me
A faith imputed prayer
For a stranger in a pilgrim land
To live, we know not where

Listening for that voice
Heeding the Lord's command
This is the way, walk ye in it
I have you in My hand

The Spirit giving direction
The still small voice of the Lord
Being in a family of agreement
A bond of prayer accord

Hearts praising at the mention
Of Jesus' precious name
A people changed on the inside
Are never outwardly the same

Our faith, a great adventure
Each day a new born bliss
Never ending prayer requests
Not one that we should miss

And time, it flies so swiftly
From one day to the next
But God's grace supplies sufficient
Our spirit's are seldom vexed

O Lord, You Lord are wonderful
You give us cause to sing
To break forth in exultation
To You, our Lord, our King

Joy tears flood our faces
For we've been doubly blessed
You took our sins upon Yourself
And gave our soul's Sure Rest

Copyright Gary James Smith
October 19,1.35 a.m.

by Gary James Smith

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Clever! Good thing the oxygen was at 21%.