Connecting Of Dots

You've wasted too much time,
Agonizing with an analysis...
As to how best to approach,
The connecting of dots.
And which part of this activity,
Will clarify the problems you've got.
As you avoid any knowledge,
That you have them to exist.
With a facing of 'reality' you refuse to admit.

And your probing done into others' lives,
While you deny the living of your own.
Has only produced for you more conflicts.
With no solutions presented that can be shown.

So quick you are to beat around a bush.
But you expected others to reveal,
Their own private business...
To explore and expose in a tour,
You and your entourage demand and insist.

And with a consistent persistence,
You proclaim to have entitlements with 'rights'.
To do as you please to appease an appetite.
Do you hear the sounds of distant laughter?
It's not coming from me.
As you see I am doing my best...
To keep my mouth shut tight.
With lips I bite!

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer,
Locked up tight in your head to stay...
Have come to dim your comprehension overnight.
And I recommend an immediate change of batteries.
To regard the doing of it as an obligation...
That may help restore a clarity needed,
That may come to brighten your insight.

Because it has become too noticeable,
The remaining of your brain cells you rely upon...
Are extremely close to being dead.
I said it.
And I am sure you'd like to leave an impression,
Instead of addressing what's wrong with me...
As if to perfection I have pledged.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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