Connie Hartnett

Though that is going back now four decades in time
I remember Connie Hartnett when he was in his prime
One of Cork and Millstreet's great players of gaelic football
And quite a nice person as i do recall

For great Millstreet gaelic footballers one must go to the past
And Connie Hartnett was one of them he was skillful and fast
A clean and sporting player and so quick on his feet
And so often a hero for Cork and Millstreet

Irish Gaelic football fans by him were often impressed
As he was quite a player when he was at his best
An attacking defender the dashing half back
Often sent Club and County deep into attack

One of the great Gaelic footballers from the Town by Clara Hill
A player who was blessed with speed and with skill
His physical best years in life to the forever gone
But of the player he was the good memories live on

Why Millstreet faded as a force in Cork Gaelic football seems hard to explain
And only memories of their greatness with us now remain
Many of the Club's heroes are deceased and the rest getting old
They brought so much pride to the great green and gold

I believe Connie Hartnett is aging in Millstreet Town today
That time even takes care of the best it does seem this way
When i say the years on us all do eventually show
Am i telling you something that you already know?

by Francis Duggan

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