Connie Mahony

Sad news out of Millstreet Town to read of today
Connie Mahony of the Bridge from life has passed away
In the presence of his family and Mary his devoted wife
Where he lived he lived out his last day in life

Far beyond Millstreet Town in Duhallow's green countryside
Connie Mahony was one who was known far and wide
As a butcher and greyhound owner and breeder of him one can say
That he was one of those who made a new friend every day

Of Connie Mahony's life journey many good stories to tell
And in Millstreet Town for him a tearful farewell
In the Town Cemetery at the West End the last remains lay
Of this likable fellow so easy going in his way

In Millstreet he grew to a man from a boy
And his drinks with his friends in the pubs did enjoy
One of those rare good people who was everyone's friend
Anyone in his words he never did offend

On those old streets he often did walk up and down
Never more in the flesh to be seen in Millstreet Town
The life from his mortal body may have gone
But in all who knew and knew of him good memories of him will live on.

by Francis Duggan

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