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CNG (5/13/1992 / shafter california)


when the beauty subsides
and fades behind the mask
that keeps us shielded from the world
blinding me from where im suppose to be
seperating my heart from my soul
trying to be true to myself and my love
conquering the deepest part of her soul
knocking down my barrier to let her in
is this a mistake, letting her into a sacred place
so she can come in and destroy it
leaving my body dry and hopeless
will she love me unconditionally
my head spinning
not knowing where to go or where i am
but i keep walking... cluelessly
stop! ! !
close your eyes... listen, open your eyes
follow your heart, run! ! ! run! ! !
run... into her arms, kiss her!
look into eyes, let the tears of joy run down your cheeks
share your life, your love, yourself
let her love you...
dont be afraid, fight your fear
conquer yourself,
conquer the darkness in your heart

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