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JBN (3/2/1951 / Netherlands)


Poem By Jerry Behr Number 2

Throughout history there have always been conquerors that would
like to rule the whole world, own it, and do what they like with it.
Be Lord and master over all people, their own race superior to anybody
else’s, all other people are inferior to their own kind.
The Masters search for strength and power they could find.

Napoleon Bonaparte was one rose up huge armies to conquer Europe in
1812 all people learned to fear the French army.
Napoleon feared no one; he had vast armies, cannons, swords,
all people were terrified of Napoleon’s march and his stance.
Soldiering on, the French army all over Europe would prance.

As Napoleon trampled to Russia he came across his Achilles heel.
It was cold in Moscow; the place was burnt to the ground Napoleon and his
army had nowhere to sleep and he lost his victory.
Departing Moscow, winter came upon his army which started to reel.
Death to his army as they retreated and defeat they would feel.

During the next century came another conqueror Adolf Hitler,
leader of Germany. He also rose up vast armies, navies and an air force.
Like his predecessor he wanted to conquer the whole world.
Using his Panzers and air force he trampled all over European land.
Poland had no chance against tanks, defeated they could not stand.

It was 1939 the beginning of World War Two and once again a conqueror
would devastate the whole of Europe. Rumbling over country after country,
inevitably like past conquerors Hitler cast his eyes upon
Russia which he wanted for Germany’s living space.
He was sure of victory with such power and his master race.

As the German army marched into Russia to Moscow, Hitler would also
suffer Achilles heel problems as his predecessor Mr. Bonaparte. “General Winter”
made it cold in Moscow; the Panzers ground to a halt,
petrol in their petrol tanks was completely frozen.
The conqueror lost its main weapon, his final victory stolen.

In the beginning of the twenty first century came another conqueror,
the Chinese. This new conqueror did not use cannons or bombs, nor did
they use vast armies, navies or an air force to conquer countries.
They used the three dollar Chinamen which they had in the billions,
Chinese people left their farms and went to factories in their millions.

In Australia a worker earns seven hundred dollars a week, in China the
worker earns three dollars a week. Anybody can immediately see the
devastating impact of the three dollar Chinamen. Since Australia imports all
things manufactured; the Chinese targeted our market.
Australians must not make anything of their own, that’s China’s target.

While China imports all her minerals from Australia, China makes sure
Australia remains retarded in manufacturing. The Australian worker must
not make anything; like any white goods for the kitchen, nor anything
electronic. All clothing must be imported from China; its cheap
way of clothing all the Australian inhabitance importing would be steep.

Like past conquerors there is always the Achilles heel problem and China
has one. In the past billions of Chinese traveled on bicycles or went on foot.
However, now that billions of Chinese work in factories the three dollar
Chinamen wanted a car and so billions of Chinese wanted one to run.
The price of petrol went sky high to $100 a barrel which is not much fun.


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Nice prose poem. Very well conceived. Rich in imagery and style. Fine poetics. I rate it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2. Please use the search box by typing the name of the poem if the page doesn't open with the title of the poem.