Conquest Of The Sorrow

If you are broken
you're broken.
then your love is crushed
and soul is fragmented

Don't ask- who did it to you?
Ask- what is within you?

Make a sea out of your tears
to float your fragmented soul there.
And then- wait for
breeze of love reunite your fragmented soul.

© Arun Maji

by Arun Maji

Comments (26)

This is so true. For once the pain is inside me its my pain to deal matter how it got there. Very motivating poem for healing our own pain. Beautifully penned.👌10++
word of unity- wait for the wind of love reunite your fragmented soul! great writings+++++++++10
A beautiful poem with a message for tormented souls not to get lost in the darkness of misery.
Great message in a great poem.
Lovely poem. Waves of sorrow need to be tranquiliz before the winds of love take your soul in its arms. This is your first poem that have read. Thanks for sharing.
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