Haiku (Birds Singing...)

Birds singing
in the dark
—Rainy dawn.

by Jack Kerouac

Comments (3)

you're doing here what you're doing in many of your previous poems, concise social commentary with a mix of the innane and real anger, only poems like this are developing it further, out of the suburban gardens and painting that same message on a wider canvas of the entire american nation, and the story of american history. one of your key poems.
I love this, I love the progression of it, and the sense I get of a poem translated from the Spanish (which it isn't, I realize, but I love poems that seem that way) , and I love your use of the Spanish sentence to start each stanza. I can't understand 'the poplar saplings and sagebrush colonies/ they owned were never here.' I mean I *literally* can't get what's being said in those lines, no matter which way I filter them through my head. Otherwise, I find the poem wonderful; perfect.
'New age conquistadors' .......never thought of developers and businessmen in this way but you make such a great point. They really are conquering the land (and destroying it) with their ''wonderful plans for the future''. Great poem. It really makes you think about all the 'progress'. hmmm. sincerely, Mary