Conscience, You Brutus

If u wud ease up on the pestering.
Maybe i wud find will and space
to revise my logic.

If u wud quit the yelling and the screaming.
Pointing out my wrongs and never my rights.
Maybe i wud find peace and time
to heal both body and soul.

This madness has got me running in circles.
Ears blocked, mind dysfunctional, soul displeased.
The questions in my head need answers,
but the answers i have pose even more questions.
What good will possibly come of this Forgiveness?
I've forgiven umpteen times,
but i've heard no apologies in the umpteen times i've been wronged. I'm running low on patience.
Being betrayed by my conscience.

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

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So wonderful, great poem, keep it up..