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This is more of an essay than anything, maybe a few of you will enjoy it.

Why were people blessed with such a polar trait? Consciences cause people to do amazing things. They help people combat world hunger, they help people to be a good friend, to do the right thing, or do they? A conscience is your mind trying to govern your heart and soul. Your soul is a part of the world, everything living thing from a sac of cells, to an eagle, to a monkey, to humans, everything living thing on this blue planet belongs to earth, and everything has a little piece of it inside of their soul. The heart is second to the soul; very very very few ever understand how to listen to their heart. It will tell you nothing you want to know it will lie to you it will show you false truths it with cause you pain it will could be a person’s down fall, but once one truly learns how to listen to their heart, to conquer it and make the heart respect the soul it has been matched with then your heart is your tool to the world. I will tell you everything and anything you want to know plain as day. Minds are all unique, no one person’s mind work the same as the other, very scarcely are minds connected and this usually only happens at birth with twins who once shared the same one. Minds are something that are never quite fully developed, every, from the time a living thing is introduced into the world and to the time it is put back into it, the mind is never finished growing. The mind always wants to know everything about everything. It has to know it wants more than anything that knowledge that power the hearth and soul have but the mind can never quiet grasp. A mind is not shaped out of the earth, it is not all knowing, it is something that while a living thing grows from the time it first sees light becomes shaped by its surroundings. Babies now being brought up beside robots thinking they are the same as them. Not only in the human world, it seems even more prevalent in the animal kingdom. Dogs taking care of cats, cats taking car of birds, other families of a species taken in other families young when they cannot provide the proper care. No mind will ever be able to comprehend everything, understand it all, every time the light at the end of the tunnel is discovered, there comes another thousand new caves to venture to. The conscience is not a part of the soul or the heart; it is in your mind. It tells you what it believes is the right thing to do, it doesn’t care how it affects the heart or the soul until countless trials and the heart and soul just stop the conscience from making that choice any longer. People need to take what their conscience tells them to do and use it as a rough outline but only after it takes the scenario up with the heart and soul. If the heart cares enough for the plan of action it will approve and not feel a pain. If the soul agrees it will only be for the better of itself, it will not regress itself to a previous state, that would just be a waste of precious time before the body it is granted withers back to Nature. After what the conscience has thought up has been approved only then should it be used to as a guide of the path it should take. The soul should be the one in complete control; it will lead you to do all the right things. The heart will be there having the largest immediate affect, for it is the one that is always hurt first. Once a person knows how to listen to the heart everything will work perfectly, and the trio, mind, soul, and heart will come out just as well as they went in, or even better, stronger, more knowledgeable, more understanding. But if what the mind wants is not approved by the heart and soul, it will never retain anything. The mind will just continue to think up the same thing over and over till it finally tires itself out and gives up. The conscience wants to do through everything and anything it can no matter what the outcome looks like, as long as it will get something, good or bad out of it that is just the nature of the human mind. But nothing will every stick in it. The mind will never truly understand it unless the heart and soul will it to happen. When the heart and soul don’t approve a plan it should be tweaked, it should be revised and made better, this way the mind works and learns before anything even starts, before anything or anyone feels pain. When the plan is perfect, when the soul knows it will work when the heart knows the pleasure will out weigh the pain, then the mind will get what it wants, it will get exactly what it yearns for. The mind, controlled by the conscience will get knowledge, it will get understanding, it will learn how to deal with the situation if it comes up again, it will know what to do, what not to do, and most likely add knowledge of the world to its endless empty reservoirs of space waiting to be filled. Consciences should never be in control of one’s life, they can’t be too big to the point they can not be controlled by the heart or soul, but they cannot be too small to the point where the mind does not grow. Consciences’ sizes can be changed, and they can be changed in a moment with a simple quote or a single experience, or it can take years and numerous trials for anything to happen. It’s all up to the mind, how stubborn it wants to be, how much knowledge it yearns for, if it can be patient. People change, everything inside them can take a complete turn around in the right direction, or just go utterly down hill. One a the heart, mind, and soul can change themselves, people can have impacts, but never, will another trio, nor thousands of trios be able to change another. Unless, by horrific, insane acts of torturing the heart or soul, or corrupting the mind to the point of breaking. These attempts rarely ever turn out for the good, but who ever said everyone is nice.

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Rudyard Kipling


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