AD (29th May 1984 / Darjeeling)


Of man's first disobedience
that brought us, in being
a mind thats conscious
that kept, seeking.

To percieve him as mighty
he is in me
for he too needs, identity
both you and in me.

Travelling through ages
now, what are we?
Still longing for an answer
though the truth is there to see.

This 's his curse, I say
journey, far from ending
a search that fails to cease
with me, ends this longing

A truth, that's gone beyond
unknown, for you and me
seems, I cease to exist
the conscious, dies with me

by Alex David

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Such a powerfully written poem about the conscious mind, where you've shared ideas that ive never realised or thought about! a really passionate and well written poem. lovely read :)