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Consciously Dead
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Consciously Dead

Poem By Renee Blackwell

I’m sinking but only my soul can feel it
There are things in my life that’s terrible and only my mind can redeem me
The sound of intense danger lurks around every corner
A noise of concern sounds from the mouth of a mourning mother
Children around me look to be free but no oh no not me
My body’s in chill my feet burn like hell but only my soul can feel it
Dark angels around me stir up my soul and to reach for my goals huh my father doesn’t even believe me
For my destiny has not been fulfilled

Controlled by anger of a dysfunctional family confusion is all I can hear
The room is spinning and the winds are loud but only my soul can feel it
I’m floating away and nobody knows all the pain I feel
So before god I stand as his child though no one has ever seen him
Conscious in mind but dead to the soul is all that I’ve become
Pain less Emotion and cold self destruction is all
My heart flows within it
As another day unfolds my heart has grown cold for nothing I have dreamed no one ever truly believed it
so continually I’m consciously dieing and death has been declared as my life’s theory by many…

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