Consciousness Of Conscience

Inspired by Syed Wakil Ahmed

Blissful peace; verses instability, violence, and disorder
harmonious relations intervene, wicked minded interloper;
world's jactation spreads, amidst deflexion by war's aper
segmentation of life hosts, exemplifies mind's distemper.

Grant control, rein heart pride, control vice's constraints
seek to follow mystery clear, don accoutrements of saints;
grope no words in death's fervor, thirst of living queint
drink deep of past relations, in minds of men reacquaint.

Feed fulfillments probable, dream vivid vision expectation
shout in soul the glorious tune, salvation, life's elation
emulate will of peace, reach higher for mental causation;
trust seeds that breed deeds, rekindle love's foundations.

Sense in conduct moral thought, alter minds of wicked men
guide wayward souls to bold goals, as now a change begins
speech enthralls troubled hearts, word heard ears do bend
gatherings wide ends mad strife, pure light now descends.

Aware in individual power; changes grant being eternity
fully fight, in battles smite, modern fascist's amorality
peace is earned in generous sum, defeat for wars duopoly
relationship of mind and soul, bests corporate monopoly.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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