Poem By Isaak DeMaio

Do you know what it's like to be conquered by fear?
Do you realize how gullible you are to everything you hear?
Do you ever take a second to think of who I am?
Do you finally realize I've never given a damn?
It takes ten seconds to lose a friend,
it takes a lifetime to see what could have been,
it was a mistake i surely don't regret,
I make damn sure I'm not someone who is easy to forget.
Think of all those times I never let you down,
now put it side to side and think of yourself right now,
maybe if you listened you would know the facts,
it is not my fault how hard you took it and how you react.
Hate me for the person everyone was too blind to see,
hate me for insecurities I treated to the third degree,
hate me for the times I took it way too far,
but don't forget that it was I who listened to all of your scars.
Accept the fact of the points I have been made,
I've accepted the consequences that I now have to pay,
you better think fast, you better not blink,
the word 'consequence' is bigger than you think.

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Brave utterances set aside for sober reflection. Well articulated thoughts and feelings. Thanks for sharing.

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