KF (05-10-1949 / Troy, Alabama)

Consequence Of Love

Treacherous heart what have you done,
Soaring above life use to be such fun.
Now you have deserted mine soul,
Downward through stinking shadows.
To hell that has taken the night of pleasures.

My heart aches with love for you,
And no one can erase this feeling.
My heart wilted like raisins in the sun,
Just out of reach of everyone.

A little more time is all I asked,
The ecstasy of love that could last.
I know you’re down on love,
But with me you would never be alone.

Ravished heart dissolved with involuntary tears,
Calling, pleading with mine pain,
Beyond the jaws of hell and earth.
Let me live again, mount strong winds,
Toward serene and luminous fields,
Soar above life again and be drunk with sunlight.

Instead of this darkness of potent idleness,
Swaying in a storm of tears, lightening crashing
Thunderous head, consequence of love.
A love that is dead.

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