Consequence Of Shattered Innocence

Poem By Angel of Darkness

Secrets hidden well,
To cover up the shame,
Memories suppressed inside,
To bring relief from the pain.

Nightmares constantly present,
To remind that the past is real,
Sickness retching the body,
To release the disgust she feel.

Pasts that still haunt,
Both at day and by night,
Lives forever altered,
By something far from right.

Child left alone,
Trying once again to be whole,
This unforgivable devastation,
Forever tormenting her soul.

Many questions yet unanswered,
She still sits and wonder why,
Was there a reason, a purpose,
To the cause of her wanting to die?

Comments about Consequence Of Shattered Innocence

wow, every word rings true, great poem
Angel, you inspire me! I don't think I've ever read a poem like this before. It gave me shivers down my spine and I almost cried. You've made a big impression on my life and I always tell my friends about you. Thank you x
holy crap that was amazing! ! ! ! i loved it! ! !

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