Consequences Of An Unkind Cut

There was a young fellow from Tut
whose behind was an elephant's butt.
Though considered a hunk
he was carrying no trunk,
just a stubby the doctor had cut.

He'd picked up a young girl at the Mall,
she was pretty and not very tall.
On his farm, in the hay
where he wanted to play
she said 'Dammit, my boy, is that all? '

'I have had the complete operation,
eighty bucks plus some tax and inflation.'
But the girl took a peek....:
'It is substance I seek
and this stem does not rate an ovation.'

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

Was that 'ovation' or 'ovulation'? : -) Nice to see you, Herbs, and nice to see you smiling as well. Love, Gina.
I wasn't cock-a-hoop when I first read this, as this type of humour has its drawbacks. Still, at least he won't have to pick the peanuts out of a certain orifice! (Very funny.) Danny
H... this is hilarious.. a sequel to, though in utterly different style from, your 'Circumcision' piece perhaps? PS lads - everyone knows it's what you do with it thta matters.... :) t x