Let's all of us try to remember
Conservation is for everyone.
God gave us this world to live in,
And he wants our cooperation,
To try to preserve all the beauty
Of the woods and forests so green,
Not to waste our natural resources
And keep our lakes and waterways clean,
Take care of the soil that feeds us.
Fight erosion, destruction, foul air,
Protect the birds and our wildlife
Feed--and help give them winter care,
The energy crisis is with us,
We should all take interest and care
What happens to our environment
And all of us do our share,
We should not ignore or neglect it,
We must work at conservation
Not just for ourselves and each other,
But for the next generation.
Dear Father, we are so grateful,
For the wonderful work of thy hand.
For the wonderful work of thy hand.
Please help us, as Garden Club members,
To protect and take care of our land.

by Anne F. Doyle

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