Conservative Negative Governments

Conservative negative governments to money can only relate
They think that no other party should govern that they have a born right to rule the State
That the natural environment does not matter more old growth trees ought to be cut down
For to create more room for industry in the overpopulated big town
That there ought to be far more mining more huge holes dug into the ground
That there is no shortage of employment in places where mining holes abound
But they must not be that very clever if they do not realize that mining has a use by date
When the mine runs out of it's material assets for regret it is then too late
They forget that their material economy too does have a mother of birth
On which it's survival is totally dependent and her name it is Mother Earth
For abusing the one who does feed us the cost for us will be huge to pay
For the generations of people of the future and this seems a sad thing for to say
Many species of wildlife on the brink of extinction but with the conservative government this is okay
They order the removal of more old growth trees since of progress they are in the way.

by Francis Duggan

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