Consider Bradley Manning

The wisdom in the saying of live and let live does seem obvious to me
And difference does make us more interesting would you not agree
And though we may not agree with what some have to say
To their right to express their opinions to them we ought to pay
Free speech should not have boundaries but such is not the case
Those who divulge government secrets a lengthy jail term bound to face
Consider Bradley Manning's case in the U S of A
And this the land of free speech as some are known to say
Why should a government hide information from their people yet to whistle blow on them is a crime
And the one who breaches trust on classified information destined for years of prison time
Yet even in the most democratic of Countries free speech has it's limits that is how it seems to be
And no such a thing as free speech even in a democracy
Bradley Manning is in jail for leaking of government secrets in the U S of A
And this is a Country of free speech as some are known to say.

by Francis Duggan

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