Poem By ashok jadhav

Hey dear! Çome hear! Do not go away!
For my heart beats has become swift,
For close of and love of you,
Gives me courage and takes me over lift,
You are my all force and last hope of ray,

Hey dear! Don't you remember,
The promise of that day,
You would be loving,
And everything would be okay,
And I had there words of peace,
And keep you smiling,
Still the judgement day,

Hey dear! Forget not,
The dream we had saught,
See there are chances lot,
We must be firm on,
Whatever the fate has brought,

Silly girl, keep going,
Need not looking back,
If you have failed Ten,
The chance of success comes again,
There seems to be coming soon,
The chances full of sack,

O'my dear! throw that fear!
Wipe away! O' wipe away!
All those precious tears.

Your Cartoon dear.

Comments about Consolation

Consolation is simple poem to urge the someone who is giving up hopes of getting forward due to failure and grief In life.

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