Consoling Myself

Poem By sudha pandey

I am searching you,
Through all the way,
From lane to lane,
To see where you
Lay silently,
With that last breathe,
And whole world,
In your lone eyes,
Where you were
Searching for someone
To come by you,
And hear your last word,
I was unaware,
Oh! Where I had been,
That day, My brother! !

Where have you gone,
Leaving me unaided,
With my griefing soul.
I can console others,
But who will come
To console me?
I still can hear
your plummeting voice,
descending from
a loud scream,
when you were going,
away from us,
leaving us with a scar,
and a heavy heart,
that day and forever.

I turn the pages,
to write something new,
but the pale,
rose petals that
had fallen in autumn,
scatter here & there,
and instead of writing,
I kneel to pick them.
knowing that those
are of no worth,
I again put them,
pressed between the
read & unread pages,
because at one time,
those were fragrant flower.

Comments about Consoling Myself

A refined poetic imagination, Sudha. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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