# Conspicuous By Its Absence

While tending to the garden one balmy November,
Helping my mother wash the leaves of the dust,
And gently cut off the dead branches and flowers,
Spraying the ones still seeming bright and robust…

She picked some reeds lying by her side,
Puzzled, I asked what are these for mother.
They are for the infants of the garden my child,
They need support to grow and are called climbers.

Sweet pea is one garden flower of such a family,
So I am going to use these reeds to make a trellis.
By January, despite chill the flowers will be smiling gaily,
Soft hues, translucent, capricious and sweet scented...

They are really my favourite as they have no flamboyance,
Growing them is like meditation and needs a lot of patience.
Now, in gardens, they are conspicuous by their absence,
Perhaps because we like things with zero maintenance...

To thrive, plants or relationships need love and nurture
No wonder, they wilt and have an uncertain future....

by Mamta Agarwal

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I had read this poem earlier and I feel very happy and delighted to read it all over again! Because each time I see a good painting or read a poem, I discover something NEW all over again! We have heard of Grandmother's recipe, here comes a Mother's Philosophy of Life itself - in the wisdom of those last two lines! 10++++ -Raj Nandy
Very true Mamta, plants and relationships always need love and nurture and no doubt, they have uncertain future. A very fine touch of sensibility is the theme of this poem.
‘Relation Upholding’ and ‘Plant Breeding’ Hum… wonderful comparison I enjoyed the essence of it. As sweet pea grows with support Relation thrives with rapport Still… There are plants those support themselves. But… Are there relations which stand by themselves? ! Also its a truth.. The seed of Sweet pea is poisonous But it has vibrant colour Sweet fragrance... Just to take care that The seeds are not eaten. There are relations with such seeds But how much care do we take To discard those seeds...! ! ! Thank you. Very Good one.
Stunning imagery. Beautiful poem 'guldastha'
very true plants or humans all need love and nurturing a lovely write Mamta surely a 10++++ regards anjali
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