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(((Conspiracy Lane)))
TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Conspiracy Lane)))

My Life has been a Public Intrusion
The 1970's through to today are identified
Vetted and vetted again
After too long a buriel
Headline making today
As conspiracies always are
I was once lost in the deep woods of regret and error
The Light saved me and pointed the way
Such a cordial Light
It simply glows upon all of the wrong and hidden
'So, So, So 'long it was such a time of darkness
I awaited the Good Day of reckoning light
A day where i Survive the TENACIOUS actions
Of my camouflaged foe
They have been a deadly foe
Always up to their necks in maleficence
Where there is a Will there isn't necessarily a way
For all of your judgements*
For all of your GREED**
For all of your multiple masks***
Fate opens up on your LITTLE world
With a MIGHTY REWARD-most deserved by all of you
Who still live and breathe on Conspiracy Lane

Thanks Be To The Ricco Statute* ** ***

Underneath The Umbrella

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