Conspiracy Theory

I see a pop-up,
Now I see two,
Oh my good god,
What shall I do?

A virus checker,
Says, “You have adware
Some trojan horses,
And also some spyware”.

I think to myself,
“How could this have happened?
Oh what could it be?
Those pop-ups I opened? ”

Why on earth would anyone,
Under a secrecy cloak,
Want to wreck the life
/computer of its fellow bloke?

Unless it’s not humans…
It could be the bee’s,
Those pesky creatures
Have always wanted our knees.

Perhaps it’s the weasel,
Those damn little rats,
They don’t like our verbs,
Nor do they our cats.

The only solution,
Is unplug your machine,
And return to the days,
Of fifty nineteen.

18: 04 29/03/2006

by Mordrid Harpoon

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