Dont Give Up

Don't give up for you have more in store.
Dont give up for you still will blossom more.

Your leaves maybe old and torn but light will come.
For you have gotten through the darkness now new leaves will come and make you shine more.

by Christina J. Williams

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Interesting it
Such loveliest words from a CLASSIC Poet who became only 33 years young. A perfect choice as a CLASSIC POEM of The DAY! Milliards of Votes endlessly. CONGRATULATIONS for the Honored Decents of Lord John Wilmot. Sincerely from Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch Poetess.
intelligent selection of words, beautiful expression of feelings...overall a lovely piece! thank you post for sharing!
Very beautifully written- -smooth as silk- -very effortless sounding. My only reservation is that it sounds to me like he is trying to shame the lady into reciprocating his love... which I suppose is just as valid a topic as any other.
- - -For such a faithful, tender heart Can never break, can never break in vain.- - - A wonderful read.
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