RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)

Constant Reminders Of Difficulties

Constant reminders that life is difficult to live, because of all
the politicians taking advantage of American citizens by giving
our hard-earned money to illegals, muslims, refugees.

When will there be an uprising, when will it stop, it seems that
people are waking up across the nation, many democrats have now
switched and become Republicans.

Tired of being lied to and cheated by these corrupt politicians
we elected to represent us and who are not doing it, having
their own agendas and going against President Trump.

All of us tired of being deceived time and again with nothing
ever being done to help American citizens, taking away our
money and trying to take away our freedom.

Standing united, we are taking back our country, we want no
one-world order, no dictator, eliminate the U.N., obamacare,
IRS and all other illegal government systems of stealing.

We will be an example to other countries, showing them that
there is strength in numbers, investigating and researching
any and all people running for any office in the U.S.A.

Never voting for muslims or illegals again, keeping strictly
to our Constitution and rule of law - no more will rule of
man stand between Americans and what isright and just.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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